Services and Products at a glance:

We deal with the protection of metal and concrete surfaces with the latest American and European
advanced technology in the areas of waterproofing, thermal isolation, and protection against chemical
agents, environmental, natural, and Industrial impact conditions, bacteria, and UV rays. Our customers include
manufacturing industries, shipyards, oil and gas, mining companies, service providers, and construction
companies. We have a full range of options for waterproofing, thermal isolation, rust removal, maintenance, and
protection we pride ourselves on the fact that we perform all of our services ourselves and employ trusted
staffs who have a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Our staffs are highly qualified experts who
received extensive training in the use of equipment and products, as well as troubleshooting techniques.
In addition, managers will perform quality checks to ensure your needs are met to your satisfaction. For
more information, please contact (+966126641266) or (920002768) or visit our website: We
appreciate the opportunity to introduce fisco and express our thanks and eagerness to partner with you on
future projects you may have

Fisco | Fundamental Isolation System Co. Ltd