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About Us

The headquarters of Fundamental Isolation System Co. Ltd (FISCO) is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
(FISCO) is the sole representative for MonoSeal cold polyuria products manufactured by the Dutch PROKOL Company in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.
Fisco also encompasses leading European and American companies in the fields of waterproofing and thermal isolation in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. fisco is a leading company in the Kingdom that specializes in waterproofing, thermal isolation, and protecting concrete, steel structures, industrial, and commercial water tanks from all types of weather, environmental conditions, corrosion, acidity, and UV radiation. We use the most recent waterproofing technologies from American and European companies that meet international standards and have 100% approval certificates. eco-friendly With a limited warranty ranging from 10 to 25 years, we employ highly qualified experts in the fields of waterproofing, thermal isolation, and protection. Fisco is very active in commercial, industrial, and private projects; we provide studies, research, consulting, and solution services to consultants, architects, engineers, and building and construction owners in waterproofing, thermal isolation, and protection.