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مونوسيل عازل مائي صناعة هولندية

Rocathaan Hotspray PA 136-TX
( 100% Pure Polyurea)
Hotspray coating used as a crack-bridging membrane for
parking roof systems (Traffic XL).
Can be used directly on metal (without primer)
The properties of Polyurea give the product a particularly
durable character.
Depending on the application, the expected service
life is up to half a century with a warranty of up to 3
The construction industry is highly versatile. We therefore
find extremely diverse applications in this market
segment. Polyurea products often have a waterproofing
and protective function.
Polyurea underneath tiles or as a system for parking roofs
Polyurea underneath asphalt on bridges and viaducts
Polyurea in wastewater treatment plants
Polyurea on the interior of tanks.
Polyurea as seamless roof waterprofing
Polyurea in drinking water applications
Polyurea in sewage treatment
Polyurea in silo linings
Tank seal and lining
Sealing basements and tunnels based on Polyurea
Sealing (water) basins with geotextile and Polyurea on a sand bed
CE Certification EN 1504-2 – Intron SGS
Fire Report DIN 4102-1 – Exova Brandhaus
CE conform NEN EN 1504-2
Fire B2 DIN 4102-1
Fire EN 13501-5 Broof (T1 & T2)

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